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 Sup guys, It's been too long

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Sup guys, It's been too long Empty
PostSubject: Sup guys, It's been too long   Sup guys, It's been too long Icon_minitimeThu 02 Jan 2014, 12:22 am

4 years too long

It's been a while since i was last here, Certainly missed this place and all the great times i had.

I remember all the long ass trade runs i used to do, and killing thousands of Molly's in Leeds to get the clan kills up (I see that PTA is still first) I remember all the fun admins and all the trouble i got into and still not getting banned

Not sure if the server is still going, it was slowly dying when i still playing. Not even sure if any mods are still going seeing as FL is nearly 11 years old

I will never forget all the people that made playing MU fun and entertaining

My old tag
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Sup guys, It's been too long
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