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 Monkey Universe setup!

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PostSubject: Monkey Universe setup!   Thu 19 Nov 2009, 1:17 am


After testing the new auto updater thoroughly for a couple of days we can safely say that it works and hopefully eliminates the last cause of the crashes.

Unfortunately every improovement comes at a price and this will be a long first run of the updater as it has to replace corrupted files we deem responsible for the trouble.

Use Dragnites step by step guide to install the new updater properly then you will have no problems:

The new release is an installer taking care of everything you need to update all files you need to carry your Monkey Universe experience into 2010. We even took care of the different versions and offer now not only standard and widescreen resolutions without having to alter files manually. We have also added a High Definition version for faster machines where you can experience a more shiny and colourful side of Freelancer effects. As you may have noticed, many explosions, gun effects, ship explosions and missile trails have been altered meanwhile to enhance your experience. With the HD version you can unfold the shiny side of those custom created effects and let your modern hardware work on making Monkey Universe more spectacular for you.

> Click here for the updater <

PLEASE follow the guide LITERALLY and you won't experience any problems running it.

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Monkey Universe setup!
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