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 MU development hits a mark!

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PostSubject: MU development hits a mark!   Tue 23 Feb 2010, 8:18 pm

Today I realized that the version of Monkey Universe hit revision 1000

This means, the universe we know had been changed, tweaked, rebuild, error corrected and improoved a thousand times and that's only since we introduced SVN to make our life easier. We didn't count the endless improovements before so since 11.Aug.2008 we managed to:

change files 14971 times!

It makes around 788 changes a month, 197 a week and nearly 26 a day!

For me it sounds not only impressive but it shows me that there were endless hours spent by the team to ensure our community gets the best it can get and considering that all of us in MUMT are self taught I wonder how we ever managed to get to sleep Smile
That's awesome and I'd like to thank our team for sacrificing such a big portion of their life.

Also thx all for staying with us so we had an audience to present our work to.

Finally I wish all of us lots of fun on the server and may the Monkey God watch over us Smile

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MU development hits a mark!
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