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 my current absence

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PostSubject: my current absence    Sun 04 Jul 2010, 10:32 am

Hello Monkey Universe Community,

i have to apologize for my absence in the last weeks and i think i owe you some kind of explanation. The reason why i'm quite inactive atm is my current work on two projects, first the rebuilding of the Mod from scratch and second, well this will be a surprise Razz.

As we all know the current Mod is heavily screwed, causing much trouble, such as server-crashes, CTD's and being kicked for Mod-tampering for no obvious reasons. I'm fed up with this and decided to rebuild. So here is some info about what i have planned and what is already done.

1. Each current clan has it's own faction - (done)
2. no permanent friendly/hostile factions - (done)
3. to purchase equipment/ships on a base, you have to meet reputation-requirements - (in work)
4. clear the Mod from all story-parts - (done)
5. review of all npc-factions to get rid of "uber"-npcs - (in progress)

That's not all I try to implement and as you might know, the work on the Mod will take much time. Please be so kind to have some patience, i'm doing this on my own, because i want to have a solid error-free foundation .
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PostSubject: Re: my current absence    Mon 05 Jul 2010, 8:19 am

Well done Plofre, thanks for showing a continued interest in keeping MU going mate.Wink

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my current absence
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