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 Admin Announcement

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MPA Bear

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PostSubject: Admin Announcement   Sun 28 Nov 2010, 4:19 pm

Dear Players,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support over the years; Monkey Universe would not and could not be possible without you. Today, we deliver you a new kind of Universe, but forever monkey. In recent months, there have been a number of changes to Monkey Universe and we haven't finished yet. These are on-going. At the exchange of Monkey Universe, we made a promise, and that was to keep the server going, something we intend to continue.

It is our overall intention to restore the Monkey Universe. Since the start of the year, we have been working on re-building our MOD with a new release which can be found below. More general content and tweaks will be added over the forthcoming months. Furthermore, after much discussion, we have decided to continue using the Automatic Updater. You can be sure that we have discussed this at great length. This modding tool is invaluable to the Freelancer community and as its support and use grows, we will endeavour to continue using it to deliver you the best possible Monkey Universe!

To ease our current and forthcoming changes, we have implemented a number of temporary server procedures. Please find these below (subject to change):

Quote :
Temp Rules:
1. Please show respect when using the server and forums. This includes no foul, sexist, racist etc. language, including abbreviated forms, not calling people cowards or such like, not running connection hungry programmes in the background such as MSN, Limewire, FTP etc., no repeat killing and not trying to cheat with mods, exploits or hacks. Remember this is one rule about showing people common decency.

2. Please follow admin instructions, if you feel they are unfair use the forum complaint channel. If an admin is playing but not in their tagged admin ship, please only contact in "emergency" for admin help, otherwise use Forum PM.

3. Freelancers under level 50 are not to be engaged unless they attack first. If you feel people are hiding under level let us know. Clan players have no under level protection.

4. You can use any name as long as appropriate and not liable to cause offense. You can wear no tags and play whatever role that suits you a full Freelancer. If you wish to not take part in the role play, freelancers can have up to two characters tagged []"your name".

You can also tag your character if you wish to have a more visible defined character RP. You can utilise vanilla faction tags or, in addition, the following are allowed tags:

Your name-[X] indicates a pirate (looting, shooting things etc. etc.)

Your name-[S] indicates a smuggler; unlawful trader (only shoots in self-defence)

Once tagged the character must adopt (and will be subject to) appropriate RP. You are only allowed 5 characters and if tagged they need to wear the same RP tag.

Absolutely no nomad roles are permitted on the server; do not include this in the above rule

5. Once an engagement ends you must let people disperse from the system where the engagement ended. Ending an engagement = a kill or escape.

If you died or docked during an engagement you must leave that character docked for 15 minutes, unless it is agreed that you can use it again. During which time you may switch to another of your characters and continue play.

If the dead character was involved in a battle where there were a few members from each party fighting and the battle is still ongoing you may rejoin the battle with your new character. Again only if this is agreed by all parties.

6. No OVERKILL/post-event killing allowed (overkill includes repeat killing while un-docking). Also includes constantly targeting the same player to the exclusion of other valid targets. It will also be taken to apply to deliberate attempts to stop a pilot reaching a base in order to buy a clan pilot or someone on the way to an event such as attacking a [NOMAD].

7. No clan hopping. If you wish to change clans you MUST fly freelancer for 7 days. This means you have to actually fly as a freelancer and not stay off the server for 7 days.

8. All clans must carry a faction pilot (or flight recorder if you have a personal pilot) at all times.

9. The act of docking "large" ships with small bases is forbidden. Please beware of this. Generally speaking, if the ship looks too large to fit into the base, then it probably is. However, specifically, we class "large" as anything with a cargo size over 1800. (Transport, Train, Mining Ship, Luxury Liner etc.)

10. If you as a freelancer acquire any clan weapons you will be asked to sell them or they will be removed from your account. If you want these weps you must join a clan to get them.

Clans and New Forum:
We feel that it is necessary in our current situation for clans wishing to remain on Monkey Universe to re-apply for recognition before December 31st 2010. After then, we intend to move to our new forums which are currently in-development. We welcome you to have a look around and feedback any improvements which we could make:
New Monkey Universe Forum

However, one of the most immediate changes that you will notice is a new server team. Formally, the Monkey Universe Server Team. For now, there are no server MPs. However we will be looking to establish a new first-response system within the near future These are our initial foundations which are subject to change and we ask that you are patient with our new team whilst they adapt to their new structure.

We would like to again thank you for your continued support and we welcome any feedback that you have,

The Monkey Universe Server Team

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MPA Bear

Number of posts : 1224
Age : 24
Country : UK
Posting Points (or spam points) : 1580
Registration date : 2008-10-14

PostSubject: Re: Admin Announcement   Sun 28 Nov 2010, 4:20 pm

Dear Players,

We recognise that the past few months have been challenging for the whole community of Monkey Universe and it is always our intention to be the best, not only Freelancer server, but community that there is in the gaming world. As admin, we would like to thank you for staying with us during these difficult times; without you, we wouldn't be here now. Over the past few months, you have fed back to us information to improve our server and its current situation and this has been invaluable to us. We made a promise at the exchange of Monkey Universe that we would do whatever it took to keep the server going. We have kept that promise. And today we make another promise, that we are back and better than before! We present:

Monkey Universe 2.50.1: A New Dawn
Final Release

Like a Star @ heaven To enter the world of Monkey Universe, run the Auto Updater! Like a Star @ heaven

Like a Star @ heaven Download Instructions: Like a Star @ heaven
Current members: Run your Auto Updater
New members: Download the AutoUpdater and follow these step-by-step instructions.

Please beware that you may also need to download visual c++ files in order to run the MOD effectively.

Sever Homepage: http://monkeyuniverse.kicks-ass.org/?Welcome_to_M.U
Monkey Universe Story: http://monkeyuniverse.kicks-ass.org/?Monkey_Universe_Story
Server status: ONLINE

Storyline and General Overview:
With the nomads gaining strength every day, the Robots, Monkeys, Order and House governments were finding themselves under increasing pressure to hold them back. The Nomads have already gained footholds in other systems. They have also learnt new tactics and fighting skills from analysing those of their foes. Now with these new skills they have become a force to be reckoned with.
However the Robots and Monkeys were not to be outdone. They have built two embassies in order for them to liaise battle plans alongside their house system allies. They also developed new and improved ships the likes of which have never been seen before.

Furthermore, the Robots forged a deal with The Mercenaries providing them with a system to stand their ground. A system known as Robot 2, where The Mercenaries could assemble their fleets, repair their ships and make necessary changes to their armaments. These fragile links are however in balance as a new menace sweeps from recently discovered systems, The Fugitives. They appear to be artificial and deadly, other than that, little is yet known.

The main aim of this MOD is not to change the entire Freelancer universe, but to add some parts to the game to make it more challenging. As we wanted to keep the original Freelancer feeling we tried to add things that really fit into the Freelancer universe. The MOD now uses an integrated automatic updater developed by DB Software which will download and apply new updates without having to re-download and re-install the whole MOD.

The question now is do you have what it takes to fight against a force that threatens the entire population of Sirius? The Nomads are here and here they intend to stay, The Fugitives double the peril. The future is in your hands, but can you make the difference? Step into the New Dawn:

A new mod release with a full South Seas narrative nearly a year in the making to support the new ideas. An entire history from 12,000 BC Dom'Kavash, the creation of the Nomads and Robots, Earth from 6,000 BC to the evacuation by Sleeper Ships and a detailed story of Freelancer, the Monkey Universe and our very own clans and players all worked into one server story.
Questions, so many questions:

Who were the Dom'Kavash?
Where do Robots come from?
What are the Nomads after?
What happened to the 3 missing sleeper ships?
What is the Dyson Sphere?
Who are The Order?
Where in all of this turmoil do the wise and kind Monkeys fit in?

Now a new question:
What is hidden on the far side of The Giant's Causeway? What was so important that a vast minefield, a radiation cloud, asteroids and defensive turrets should have been placed between humanity and the vortex?

For 800 years the humans who arrived in Sirius on board the Liberty, Bretonia, Kusari, Rhineland and Hispania have been soul searching. What they seek is the peace and tranquillity which they were promised before leaving the old world, the "New Dawn for Mankind". The wise and kind Monkey God has helped guide and sooth but humans have still had their wars and now they have a new enemy which seems intent on torturing mankind eternally; The Nomads. Where is the New Dawn?

Take a jump through the Suez Vortex and discover the answers to so many of your questions.

Stand on the shores of The South Seas and watch the sun rise over a new order.

Do not just witness but be a part of a New Dawn for Mankind.

Downloadable Content:
- 6 new systems including Amenthes, New Java, New Andaman, New Bengal, New Laccadive and New Aden.
- Many new features and bases including the giant Cox's Bizarre and The Birthing Pool never seen before anywhere, newly developed modular stations including: Oman Refinery, Yemen Drilling and The Hive; many new planets and clan support stations and for the first time on Monkey Universe, Nebula which work to slow ships down.
- An entire new class of fighter ship including the Warlord, Spectre, Howler, Mantis and Eclipse and to pair with the new class of fighters, a new range of "combination weapons", with devastating hull and shied capabilities.
- Tweaked Discoverer and Horus ships and added two new gunboats; Order and Robot.
- Personal pilots, cloakable ships, pilotable capships with assigned roles and dockable player battleships have been added to enhance server role-play.

- NPC Factions now fly new respective ships to provide greater resistance upon encounter.
- Many new commodities are now tradable within the SSP systems.
- Capital ships now benefit from the addition of cruise and long-range missiles.
- Edited NPC encounters in the Nomadia, Omicron Delta and Monkey Home World systems and adjusted mission payouts to higher than 5 million credits.

- Featuring new HD ambient lighting effects, Monkey Universe systems are now more atmospheric delivering a better gaming experience.
- Adjusted visual lighting in a number of systems.
- Edited explosion effects on capital-ships.

"Monkey Universe 2.50"
by the Monkey Universe Modding Team

Latest Update

- Added "Deimos" Robot Gunboat
- Added "Isis" Order Gunboat
- Made respective factions fly new ships
- Edited effects
- Added a missile weapon platform with long range missiles
- Made BS cruise missiles work
- Added a long range missile to BR and BH destroyer
- Edited BR destroyer torpedo turret to work
- Edited tons of infocard errors for stations

These are our ideas of a "better" Freelancer and you are invited to be part of it!

Visit us at: http://monkeyuniverse.kicks-ass.org or on our main forums at: http://monkeyuniverse.forumotion.com/portal.htm
Alternatively you can Follow us on Facebook!

Please report any bugs here.
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Admin Announcement
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