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 Clan Status

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PostSubject: Clan Status   Fri 17 Dec 2010, 7:52 am

just to clarify the position on clans (now we have more ppl around)

ANY existing clan may continue to use their clan tag, providing, there RP has not changed and can demonstrate the existence of a "working" clan
by this I mean that the existing clan rules apply and there needs to be AT LEAST 3 active clan members seen on the server during a 1 week period. that means MEMBERS NOT CHARS

NEW clans need to PM me with proposals of their clan :-
name, tag, offiliation (lawful, trader, merc etc), position on RP etc

ALL applications will be looked at and discussed

Clans will NOT be tagged until the new year, this gives older clans that want to reform and new clans the chance to gain members and friendly faces the chance to find us again

NOMAD CLANS are NOT permitted


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Clan Status
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